Zahava Englard – The Times of Israel – With Eyes Wide Opened, We’ll Continue To Sing

Zahava Englard’s Father Spent 3 Years in Auschwitz – Read About Her Family & the Lessons Learned in her article: With Eyes Wide Opened, We’ll Continue To Sing

At first, I questioned it. I didn’t want to believe it. But, by the age of nine and already knowledgeable of my parent’s wartime experiences, I understood that my father knew very well of what he spoke. He was barely into his teen years when he was sent to Auschwitz and spent the next three years of his life there. It was extremely rare that one would last that long. There was even an unspoken respect among the fellow prisoners and some German soldiers for one who lasted three years in hell. And, with three years in hell, one learns much about the human condition. Who was I to question him? His story is among the archives of Yad Vashem. And yet, while my father firmly believed in his take on the human condition, he was a man who loved to tell funny stories, loved to teach children and loved to sing. In fact, he would always be singing, and as a result, I too would always be singing.”

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