Syria opposition party to ‘Post’: We need Israel to convince US to send aid


Mendi Safadi Former Chief of Staff To MK Ayoob Kara

Syria opposition party to ‘Post’: We need Israel to convince US to send aid

06/25/2014 03:51

Mendi Safadi

Mendi Safadi, the former chief of staff of former Likud MK and Deputy Minister for Development of the Negev and Galilee, Ayub Kara. Photo: YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT

Pro-Western Syrian opposition figures told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that they seek friendly relations with Israel and aim to secure US support so that rebel extremists do not take over.

The Kurdish Left Party in Syria, headed by Mahsum Faisal Baker Simo, sent a letter to President-elect Reuven Rivlin, stating that Israel “isn’t our enemy,” but that Syrian President Bashar Assad and his aides were.

“We in the Kurdish Left Party ask the government and people of Israel to stand by the Syrian people [more than before],” it stated. “We reject extremism and terrorism from any party in Syria.”

Mendi Safadi, an Israeli Druse who served as former Likud deputy minister Ayoub Kara’s chief of staff, has independently met with members of the liberal and democratic Syrian opposition who oppose the Islamists and want friendly relations with Israel. Safadi has traveled in the region, met with activists, and relayed messages from them to the Prime Minister’s Office. He was responsible for relaying the congratulation letter to Rivlin.

Safadi told the Post that in fact, these moderate opposition groups wanted to make the unprecedented offer of inviting an Israeli representative to take part in future working meetings with foreign government representatives. Read More Of The JPost Article Here

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