Real Clear Israel: WATCH: PM Netanyahu New Year Message


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Greeting for “Novy God”
(English captions available):

“I send you warm greetings as you celebrate the civil New Year.

I wish you, your children and grandchildren good health, success and happiness.

You brought something from your countries of origin that is very valuable – your desire for achievement and excellence in all areas: science, the economy, sports, in everything. You have proved time and again that you can serve in the highest positions, overcoming any difficulties. You have contributed in the past and still contribute immensely to our society and country on a daily basis – keep up the good work! The State of Israel needs you – in science, medicine, commerce, the military, politics, education and culture. Excellence is something we hold dear and you embody that.

On our part – mine and the government members, which also naturally includes immigrants from the former Russian Commonwealth – we will do all it takes to ensure that every child will have an equal opportunity through quality education and access to technology. I speak of every boy and of every girl.

We will continue working to reduce the distance between the Negev and the Galilee, to connect them to the center of the country through the construction of new roads, interchanges and railways. As a result of the relocation of the IDF bases to the south and the transformation of the Negev into a cyber center, there are already thousands of new job openings in the south and our work is not yet done.
In addition, we will work day and night to ensure safety in the State of Israel and defend it from the many threats it faces.

I wish you a joyous evening with your loved ones around the traditional table, where there is always a place for the older generation. Observe this beautiful tradition – you brought it here in honor of your parents and you pass it down to your children.

Happy holidays and may you have a good and successful 2016.”

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