Real Clear Israel: WATCH: Mike Huckabee’s Speech at our United With Israel 3,000,000 Supporter Celebration in Jerusalem!


 “I am proud and deeply grateful that you allow me to stand with you, United with Israel,” said Governor Mike Huckabee at a unique Jerusalem celebration, where he officially became the 3-millionth member of United with Israel (UWI). 

Gov. Huckabee (2R) with David Zeit (R) and Michael and Bonnie Gerbitz. (Photo: UWI)

“There is a distinct difference between good and evil – and Israel is good,” said Michael Dale (Mike) Huckabee at a private reception in Jerusalem on February 18, where he was honored as ‘Number 3,000,000′ of United with Israel, the world’s largest pro-Israel community.

“It is the moral commitment of Israel to understand its responsibility in the world that I admire most,” said Huckabee.

An ordained minister, author of several best-selling books, public speaker and ABC political commentator, Huckabee, who served as the 44th Governor of Arkansas (1996-2007), was a candidate in the 2008 US Republican presidential primaries. Until recently, he hosted the Fox News talk show Huckabee, which he closed in order to consider a 2016 presidential candidacy.

UWI was launched three years ago, and within this brief period the organization has garnered more than three-million supporters worldwide. At a private celebration at the elegant Inbal Hotel marking this milestone event, Huckabee thanked the organizers for the “extraordinary honor.”

“I think there are far more people [who love Israel] but just haven’t logged in yet,” he quipped after pressing the ‘Like’ button on UWI’s Facebook page in view of the audience, which included thousands of online viewers worldwide. “We just have to find the other several hundred million people who ought to be United with Israel.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee and journalist and Israel advocate Caroline Glick at UWI milestone event in Jerusalem. (Photo: UWI)

Huckabee welcomed journalist Caroline Glick, who “is one of my very favorite heroes…. She speaks such truth with such clarity and she speaks with moral authority. There are very few people on the planet today who have a more important and profound voice for the rationale of Israel and the reason for which sane and civilized people should be United with Israel.”

Glick congratulated UWI for “bringing the truth to the world in such a successful way…. I look forward to being invited here next year when you have your 30-millionth.”

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