Real Clear Israel Press Release: PM Netanyahu Remarks at the Knesset on UNSC Endorsement of Iranian Accord

Excerpt from PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Knesset

(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

WATCH: PM Netanyahu’s comments on Italian TV

Following is an excerpt from remarks Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made today (Monday, 20 July 2015), at the Knesset:

 “On the day on which the ruler of Iran has reiterated his intention to destroy the State of Israel, the UN Security Council is giving its approval to that same country, which has systematically violated the UNSC’s decisions and which calls for the destruction of Israel, a member of the UN. The hypocrisy knows no bounds. The best way to fight this hypocrisy is to tell the truth in a strong and unified manner. Here is the truth:

They say that this agreement makes war more distant. This is not true; this agreement brings war closer. First, because Iran will receive hundreds of billions of dollars and it is already openly declaring that it will use this money to finance and arm its terrorist movements and its aggression in the region and around the world. Second, there will be a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

They also say that a UN decision is the end of the story. This is not true, because as long as US Congressional sanctions are in place – and I remind you that the American economy is 40 times as large as the Iranian economy – Iran will be compelled in the end to make concessions, and not just receive them.

They say that ‘It cannot be that the whole world is wrong’ and from this they conclude that the agreement is good; this is not true. First, the entire world is not wrong and many in the Middle East see eye-to-eye with Israel and concur that this agreement is dangerous, dangerous to them, dangerous to the region and dangerous to the world. Second, history has already proven that when the world is united it is not necessarily right. Just a few years ago there was broad international agreement on a nuclear agreement with North Korea and today North Korea has approximately a dozen nuclear bombs and it is on the way to attaining many more. This truth must be said loud and clear because the truth serves the interests of Israel.”

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