Real Clear Israel Press Release: Cabinet Approves Formation of Ministerial Committee on Regulatory Affairs to be Chaired by PM Netanyahu

Bibi 2015 Cabinet


Cabinet Approves Formation of Ministerial Committee on Regulatory Affairs to be Chaired by PM Netanyahu

(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

 The Cabinet, at its weekly meeting today (Sunday, 31 May 2015), approved the formation of a ministerial committee on regulatory affairs to be chaired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Prime Minister referred to the issue in his remarks at the start of the Cabinet meeting:

 “I discussed this over the weekend with the Finance Minister and the Economy israel-sealMinister. Israel Manufacturers Association President Shraga Brosh showed me shocking data. According to this check, the statistics are from the Global Economic Forum, Israel has declined, in the amount of over-regulation, from 23rd place in 2006 to 106th place in 2014. We are pushing away businesses and initiatives here. We are producing here an atmosphere and a reality of excessive regulation, of legalese, of regulator after regulator after regulator. We are currently in 106th place. I am raising this here because we are not creating just a committee, we promised to fight this, to fight this with axes; this will not be. We will restore ourselves to a worthy place, not 23rd, but lower than this. Whoever gets rid of over-regulation brings about growth and this growth will enable us to realize our other goals including those in the social sphere. There is no justification for what is happening here. Everything is justified as being for the benefit of the public and for the advantage of the citizen – this is simply not true. We are harming citizens, we are primarily harming the weaker strata, when we harm growth, and we are harming all Israelis by hasty regulation. Then if someone thought that this was OK, this is not OK. We are in a bad place and we will improve and be in a better place. This is the first goal, one of this government’s first three goals, and it will be achieved much faster than one thinks, in cooperation with all the ministers seated around this table.”


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