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No One Left to Kill: Obama and Kerry Ignore Iran’s Threats and Proxy War on Israel

Author: Leslie-Ann Stoffel

quoteObama’s Drama: How Would You Like Your Word Salad? Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama were negotiating with Iran, the most notorious sponsor of Islamic terror in the world, all the while ignoring the threats of “Death to Israel and Death to America.” Shortly after the announcement that a deal had been struck, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei published a book outlining his plans for the destruction of Israel and his plans to humiliate America.

Both Kerry and Obama have downplayed these threats and even gone so far as to deny any nefarious activity toward Israel by Iran via their terror proxies, Hamas in the Gaza strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Although, Obama did admit that some of the billions Iran would receive just might go toward funding some “bad behavior.” Bad behavior? Is this the new euphemism for Islamic Terror? Unarmed Jewish civilians and children are targeted by these terror groups, which is a war crime. Obama will fund this illegal activity via this deal.

You’ll Never Eat Falafal in This Town Again

In order to drive the point home Obama himself stooped to threats against Israel on behalf of Iran. He stated that if Israel did not accept this feckless and dangerous deal then Hezbollah, Iran’s terror proxy in Lebanon, would be raining rockets down on Tel Aviv. That sounds like he just cancelled out his own argument.

Having lost the argument when selling this deal to the American people and Congress, Obama has resorted to the lowest of blows, equating Jews and those who speak out against this most dangerous of alliances, as traitors and being of the same ilk as Iranian hardliners.

Jeffrey Tobin writes in his piece in Commentary, Contentions: Iran Funding Hamas Preparations for War,

When asked repeatedly by Republicans about Iran’s repeated threats to destroy Israel during Congressional testimony about the Iran nuclear deal, Secretary of State John Kerry sighed and looked at his questioners the way an exasperated teacher regards dumb students. Yes, he admitted, they say that but he explained patiently, he’s seen no evidence of them planning anything to put that into effect. Kerry repeated that answer, though no doubt without the look of disdain on his face, to The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg saying “I haven’t seen anything that says to me” that their “ideological confrontation with Israel at this moment” [my emphasis] will “translate into active steps.”

Jewish leaders have even spoken out and balked at Obama’s race baiting comments intimating that any Jewish person who is not in favor of his deal is guilty of ‘dual loyalty’.

A piece put out by United With Israel states: “The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) issued a statement calling on Obama and Congressional leaders to denounce what they termed as the ‘dual loyalty’ smear campaign leveled against Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and other opponents of the accord recently signed with the Islamic Republic regarding its nuclear aspirations.”

Pressuring the Jews with this sort of disgusting rhetoric is Hitleresque in its connotations. Given the parallels of this deal to that which took place between Chamberlain and Hitler in 1938, it would appear that Obama has abandoned all moral reasoning and is in fact on side with the enemies of Israel, America and the West.

Tunnel Vision

The latest intel report out of Israel tells a very different story than the cagey Kerry quips.

Recent reports coming out of Israel by the Israeli Security Agency regarding a Hamas operative who was arrested last month by the name of Ibraheem Adel Shehadeh Shaer uncovered some interesting yet not surprising information.

During the war last summer between Israel Defense Forces and Hamas, Israel was able to uncover miles and miles of terror tunnels built at the cost of millions of dollars. A major attack to infiltrate Israel via these terror tunnels was planned against Israeli civilians but was foiled and most of the tunnels were destroyed.

The detainee was able to supply information to intelligence services explaining the reconstruction of the terror tunnels and that Iran is funding the construction.

Additionally, from a BBC Watch report:

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