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Cultural Jihad In the Age of the Useful Idiot

Posted On Oct 16 2015

By : Leslie-Ann Stoffel


PolitiChicks.comThe term “useful idiot” is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes naive communist sympathizers in the West (liberals). While Lenin and the Soviets held these stupid liberals in utter contempt, they also saw them as useful tools for dispensing propaganda.The Sharia law itself cannot be altered, but the interpretation of the Sharia law, called “figh,” by imams is given some leeway.

As a legal system, the Sharia law covers a very wide range of topics. While other legal codes deal primarily with public behavior, Sharia law covers public behavior, private behavior and private beliefs. Of all legal systems in the world today, Islam’s Sharia law is the most intrusive and strict, especially against women.

A few examples of punishments according to the Sharia law:

  • Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand.
    •  Criticizing or denying any part of theQuran is punishable by death.
    •  Criticizing or denying Muhammad is a prophet is punishable by death.
    •  Criticizing or denying Allah, the moon god of Islam is punishable by death.
    •  A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death.
    •  A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.
    (See for the full list.)

Global Islam and the spread of Sharia Law are making inroads within Western Culture with the help of today’s useful idiots including an overwhelming majority of Western leaders, cultural & political elites & the media.

One would think that all it would take for these elitist types to reject Sharia would be for them to examine the Laws and its doctrines as well as witness what happens in Sharia compliant countries and they would be wholeheartedly against bringing this 7th century barbarism to the West. One would be wrong.

The hoards of Islamic immigrants flooding into European countries have the citizens of those countries very nervous, especially in Germany where many will be heading. With the violence, rapes and unrest taking place within France, Sweden, Germany and other countries with the Muslim populations already there, some of the citizenry are taking to the streets to protest what they believe is the Islamification of their societies. Slowly but surely the Islamic populations are demanding special rights and laws that coincide with Sharia Law.

We have recently witnessed how the Western media adheres to Sharia Law by not showing the cartoons of Mohammed and by blaming the victims of the violence of those who draw or show these cartoons in a public venue.

Knuckling Under to Sharia

Here in Canada we had a new immigrant, who had not even been sworn in yet as a citizen and yet she took our government to court because she demanded to have her face covered with the Niqab while taking her oath as a Canadian citizen.

The Star reported:

“OTTAWA—A Federal Court of Appeal panel has dismissed a government appeal over a ban on face coverings at citizenship ceremonies.

The three justices ruled from the bench, saying they wanted to proceed quickly so that Zunera Ishaq can obtain her citizenship in time to vote in the Oct. 19 federal election.

Ishaq, a 29-year-old woman with devout Muslim beliefs who came to Ontario from Pakistan in 2008, refused to take part in a citizenship ceremony because she would have to show her face.

The Harper government’s rule banning face coverings at such ceremonies was earlier found unlawful by the Federal Court. Justice Department lawyer Peter Southey argued unsuccessfully that the lower court justice made errors in his original decision to overturn the ban.

But Appeal Justice Mary Gleason said the court saw no reason to interfere with the earlier ruling.

The ban on face coverings sparked a bitter debate in the House of Commons when it was first announced.”

Canadians are outraged. This court decision went against what most Canadians wanted, according to polls. Approximately 75% did not want the implementation of full face coverings. It also went against what our elected officials had ruled giving the unelected judges the final say. Canadians saw this as a manipulation to slowly bring Sharia compliant laws into Canada. Igniting further anger within Canada was the knowledge that the full face covering is allowed when voting in the upcoming Federal election. Not to mention with the rise of rampant identity theft the dangerous implications are numerous.


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