Real Clear Israel: My Latest Blog Post United With Israel – Canadian Politician Forced to Resign for Slamming Terror Group

Leslie-Ann Stoffel

Paul Estrin took a brave stance in the face of evil and moral relativism. His comments drew such a firestorm among Green Party members that he was forced to resign.

At a time when many political leaders around the world are resorting to moral equivalence in the face of Islamic terrorism, Paul Estrin, president of the left-leaning Green Party of Canada, came out with strong statements against the designated terror group Hamas. He posted his personal statements on the official Green Party website.

His comments were in direct contrast to the “posture of engaged neutrality” that the party had adopted at its convention earlier in the month. Estrin, in fact, drew a clear moral line in the sand between Hamas and Israel.

According to Canadian daily The National Post, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said it was important to clear up any confusion about Estrin’s essay: “It’s not our policy.”

At a convention earlier this month, the party called for an immediate cessation of “hostilities” between Israel and “Palestine” but said it would adopt a “posture of engaged neutrality” in favor of a diplomatic end to the long-standing conflict.

On his blog, Why Gaza Makes Me Sad, Estrin stated:

“We want to see the world as black and white, right and wrong. We want to support the underdog. Who doesn’t? But, terror is terror. Evil is evil.” Read Entire Blog Post Here

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