Real Clear Israel: Leslie Gets An Endorsement From Pamela Geller

My Hero of Free Speech And The Counter Jihad, Pamela Geller, Showed Up On One Of My Facebook Posts and Gave Me a Huge Compliment! Thank You Pam! You Made My Day! I’m Verklempt. 

Geller made me the Canadian Leader of her SIO Groups – SIOC: Stop the Islamization of Canada Group on Facebook – Join us here: CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE SIOC GROUP

We’re Warriors for Truth in the Information Battle Space. No Matter How Hard This Gets, We Must Keep Going. We Do Need a Little Shelter Sometimes.

Fullscreen capture 2015-12-10 94958 PM

So, Blast This Really Loud, Dance Around Your Living Room With A Hairbrush Mic and Then Get Back To The Battle!!  Don’t Let the Bastards Get Ya Down!

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