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Leslie-Ann Stoffel

Tunnel Vision

The Hamas Charter (“The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement”) rejects all peace talks with the State of Israel and stresses the terrorist organization’s commitment to destroy Israel through a long-term holy war (jihad). The 1988 charter – an overtly antisemitic and anti-Western document which expresses Hamas’ radical Islamic outlook – is valid till today.

Hamas, a terror proxy of Iran, has a murderous goal stated in their charter. This extreme hatred gives them tunnel vision, a fascist evil vision of ridding the world of Jews just as Hitler tried to do.

This murderous hatred has been ignited and erupted into pro-palestinian jihad demonstrations all over the world. Including Calgary, Canada where a family was swarmed by violent thugs and physically attacked.

This revulsion for the Jews has given Hamas a tunnel vision that keeps them locked in a cycle of violent and homicidal behaviors that even when they are losing the battle they continue on. It leads them to teach their children with the help of UNRWA, to hate and kill Jews. Even their television shows for their children indoctrinates with the detestation of the Jews. Real Entire Article Here



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