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New Israellycool Contributor In Da House: Hi, I’m Leslie-Ann

Posted by: Leslie-Ann Stoffel in Leslie-Ann January 27, 2015

New Me & Flag 2014

My name is Leslie-Ann Stoffel and I just joined the Israellycool team.

I was raised in a Zionist home thanks to my mom. This lit the spark in me for my love of Israel and the Jewish people.

As I grew to be a teenager and found out about the Holocaust, I vowed that if we were ever to face that sort of evil again, I would speak out about it. That time has come. This is why I speak out for the Jewish people and their beautiful homeland, Israel. The only Democracy in the Middle East.

I began my pro-Israel social networking efforts in 2008 after my first trip to Israel, where I fell in love with the people and the land. Upon returning home to Canada, I realized that Facebook could be used as an alternate media to present Israel’s case and bypass the mainstream media.

With the advance of Global Islamic Jihad in the world, my advocacy and writing has also turned to speaking out against this and fighting for our freedoms in the West.

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