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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press – MFA

13 May 2015

Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press

 Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press

The Jerusalem Post notes that Israel’s balkanized societal system that dissects the country is reflected and perpetuated in its political system, and states that “Government coalition agreements, such as the one signed to form Israel’s 34th government, inevitably end up looking like a collection of wish lists presented by the different coalition partners in exchange for their political support. Broader national interests are all but ignored in the rush by each party to grab as much of the budget and obtain as many concessions as possible.” The editor decries the fact that “no thought is given to groups within society that never have the opportunity to be included in the coalition, such as Arabs who make up about a fifth of Israel’s population,” and contends that “Preference for narrow interests over the broader national good is destructive.”  

Haaretz attacks the recent Supreme Court rulings that “give a judicial stamp of approval to the dispossession of Arab communities on both sides of the Green Line for the benefit of the Jewish settlement enterprise,” but points out that the responsibility doesn’t rest with the court alone. The editor asserts: “The Israeli government must adopt an egalitarian planning policy that will take into account both the needs of Arab residents and the injustice that has been done to them and deal with them justly. 

Yediot Aharonot is confident that Moshe Kahlon, Israel’s new finance minister, will do his best to execute his plans, but warns that too many people at the top are lurking in the corners. The author cautions potential adversaries that “He is nice to those who are nice to him, and his white teeth can turn into jaws if needed,” and declares: “his success is our success. We really, really want him to succeed. We also want people not to misjudge him”  

Yisrael Hayom comments on the recent decision of the Haifa city council to withhold funding for the city’s Al-Midan Theater pending a review of a controversial play, which centers on the life of Arab terrorists, and criticizes the protest by a group of artists who termed the decision racist and an infringement of free speech. The author attests that “Freedom of expression is not synonymous with the right to incite violence. Liberal societies use it as means to achieve a goal, not the goal itself,” and declares: “If the protesters want to ensure the play’s show continue, by all means, let them do so — provided they find their own funding.” 

Globes discusses the stymied peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, and notes that “Washington is beginning to show interest in alternative processes of an economic nature.” The author quotes MK Erel Margalit (Zionist Union), who is promoting “a series of initiatives that include cooperation between Israeli and Palestinians which are not dependent on the political whims of a Netanyahu government,” who has been in contact with US administration officials who see the joint projects as “confidence-building measures that can pave the way for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement in the more distant future.” The author points out that many Israelis see this as a logical step, and adds: “Projects like this could take the game out of the demanding hands of politicians and put it in the hands of regional and business leaders. Such projects can be groundbreaking.”   

[Eitan Haber, Omer Dostri and Ran Dagoni wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot, Yisrael Hayom and Globes, respectively.]

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