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Diane Weber Bederman


Chasing Zionism

By: Diane Weber Bederman

Zonism linked to racism is not new. Too many are oblivious to the fact that the Jewish people are not one race.

In 1975, thirty years after the Christian world turned a blind eye to the industrial strength massacre of 6,000,000 Jews, and the Muslims of the Middle East (led by Haj Amin al-Husseini) carried out riots and massacres of the Jews, living in their homeland of Israel (called at that point Palestine after the Romans had environmentally devastated the land), the United Nations brought before the “civilized” nations the statement that Zionism equals racism. Not France equals racism or Germany equals racism-just standing proudly as Jews is considered racist.

It was Daniel Patrick Moynihan who warned the world in 1975 “A great evil has been loosed upon the world…the Abomination of anti-Semitism has been given the appearance of international sanction…Now this is a lie…the United Nations has now declared to be a truth.” Resolution 3379, “Zionism is racism” was a great distortion and perversion of language that legitimized the right to demonize the Jews as a shameful, demonic people deserving a universal loathing.

Ambassador Moynihan warned: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”

Thirty years after burning Jews; no different to the Christian world than burning books because surely they would have said something, anything, being proud to be a Jew living in Israel was called racist.

The member states of the UN attempted to unite against the one Jewish state in the world; the one state that took in the Jews no one wanted-until the Jews turned the desolate land of swamp, malaria and desert into the land of milk and honey. Then the Jews were told to go back where they came from. Some had tried after WWII only to discover that Poles and others had moved into their homes-as if they knew all along that that all the Jews had been taken away never to return.

How did the civilized world and this august body of nations come to equate Zionism with racism?

Jews are not a race. Jews come in all colours: black, white, brown, cream; straight eyes and slanted eyes. One cannot become white or black or Asian. But anyone can become a Zionist-be they French, German, Arab, Muslim, Christian, or Greek Orthodox. People from all races, creeds and colours and welcomed into Am Yisrael-the people of Zion, the People of the Book. Jews never proselytize, but those who choose to take on Judaism, whether from Christianity or Islam, or any other religion, are welcome.

Zionism expresses national pride in a Jewish state. Pride in being Jewish. Something new in the world when one remembers that it was only 70 years ago that the Jews were being put into crematoria. Being Jewish, then, was deadly. There are those who believe that nationalism must end-but that’s a story for another day. In the meantime, Zionism is no more racist than being a proud American, Canadian or Jordanian.

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