Real Clear Israel: Back to Jerusalem!


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Shalom Dear Friends,

When I left Israel last November my heart was shattered into a million pieces. I had taken care of my sweetie and watched him die of cancer. I can’t even describe the pain and emptiness that I felt. It took months for me to be able to get back into life again. You can read about our story here –

I call it living in between the shadows and the light. I live mostly in the light now Baruch Hashem. The love of the land and my friends are drawing me back home to where I left my heart.  I so look forward to being back with you all.

We’re in talks with a Jewish Russian Radio Station here in Vancouver so that when we share our reports from all over the land of Israel, with members of Knesset, Public Relations people, Media people, our reports will go out all over North America and beyond!! Excited to spread the good news about Israel.

Best & Bless ♥

Impossible – X Factor – Israel

Miss You Sweetie

I’ll never forget the fun & laughter we shared in Jerusalem. Thank You.

Leslie & Isik My Birthday May 9 Jerusalem Overlooking Old City Walls Jaffa Gate





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