Our Evening/Morning April 27/14 News Roundup From Israel – The Israel Link

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Good morning! Welcome to a new week! Here are five stories you missed from the overnight hoursL

1. The Israeli government is slated to approve a program to aid Holocaust survivors later today, to be budgeted at approximately 1 billion shekels.

2. Tens of Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital’s employees held a demonstration outside Finance Minister Yair Lapid’s home in Tel-Aviv, demanding the government save Hadassah from the financial crisis.

3. The state prosecutor is likely to request the introduction of new evidence in its appeal against the acquittal of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in the so-called Talansky and Rishon Tours cases. The development is a consequence of a plea bargain with one of Olmert’s top aides in the Holyland trial.

4. Two Jewish youths were taken in for questioning by Jerusalem police after attempting to enter the Temple Mount dressed as Muslim worshipers.

5. H amas is not a terror organization and never will be, the chief Palestinian negotiator with Israel told Sky News in Arabic on Friday.

Have a wonderful day!

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