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April, 2015 – Interview with Ari Louis from Israel National Radio Quoted on The Williamson Commentary: Read HERE

Josh Hasten graciously gives Leslie his endorsement on his show  for her pro-Israel work. Listen Here:Josh Hasten Graciously Endorses Leslie On His INR Show – Reality Bytes

Tovia Singer – T&T The Tamar & Tovia Show on Israel National Radio: Listen Here!

From Zahava Englard On Her Times of Israel Blog: Zahava’s Piece: Recognizing the Righteous – Read it Here

Leslie of Real Clear Israel – Articles & Blogs Media

Currently I write for: IsraellyCool, Politichicks, The Times of Isreal, The Jewish Press, United With Israel, The Jerusalem Post, & Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs. I have been a contributor to and been a regular guest on, Israel National News & Radio.

Guest Post: Israel Forever Foundation Posts My Story fromIsraellycool – Hasbara: Why Am I Still Doing This? July 27, 2015

Click Here For the Link on Israel Forever Foundation: Hasbara: Why Am I Still Doing This?

Guest Post In Spanish: Jewish Agency Mexico March 1, 2015

Link: Israellycool Hasbara Post in Spanish – Hasbara: Why Am I Still Doing This?



Israel News Talk Radio: January 16, 2016 – Romancing the Stoning Age

Romancing the Stoning Age

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Politichicks!: October 16, 2015 Cultural Jihad in the Age of the Useful Idiot

Politichicks!: August 17, 2015 – No One Left to Kill: Obama & Kerry Ignore Iran’s Threats and Proxy War on Israel

Politichicks!: June 24, 2015 The Rise of Evil: Global Islamic Jihad on Israel and the West

Politichicks!: April 10, 2015 I’m Obamaphobic

Politichicks!: February 23, 2015 Plumbing the Depths of the Obama Administration’s Anti-Bibi Grudge

Politichicks!: February 18, 2015 The Great & the Good: Bibi Goes to Washington

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Israellycool: March 28, 2016 Pegasus: On a Wing and a Prayer – Horse and Donkey Rescue in Israel

Israellycool: March 23, 2016 Does the World Need a Two State Solution to Deal With the Global Islamic Jihad?

Israellycool: March 16, 2016 Kerry and Obama Revive Their Push For a Two State Solution

Israellycool: March 13, 2016 Chaim Klein: A Life Uninterrupted (Part 1)

Israellycool: January 26, 2016 Helpless

Israellycool: November 1, 2015 Hell’s Angels at Play in the Fields of the Lord

Israellycool: June 14, 2015 A Murder in Paris: 24 Days in the Life of Ilan Halimi

Israellycool: March 1, 2015  Hasbara: Why Am I Still Doing This?

Israellycool: February 16, 2015 My Take on Obama’s ‘Extremism Summit’ – Doublethink and Misguided Random Extremism

Israellycool: January 27, 2015 New Israellycool Contributor in da House – Hi, I’m Leslie-Ann

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The Jerusalem Post: January 9, 2015 – Latest Jerusalem Post Blog – Awakening: The Global Islamic Jihad Fifth Column in the West


November 2014: My Story of Taking Care of My Sweetie Before He Died of Cancer: Waiting For Heaven in Jerusalem

The Times of Israel All Links:  Leslie-Ann Stoffel’s Blog – The Times of Israel

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Blog Spot United With Israel: All Links

United With Israel: Oct 26, 2015 How To Stab A Jew – A Palestinian Lullaby

United With Israel: May 17, 2015 Indoctrinating the Flock: Antisemitic Conference Comes to Vancouver

United With Israel: March 15, 2015 The World Needs Bibi

United With Israel: March 1, 2015 #BibiSpeaks4Me: Support PM Netanyahu In Washington

The Preliminary Symptom of Death: Will Moral Relativism Kill Us?

US Secretary of State Kerry Silent As Iran Calls Israel Genocidal

Canadian Green Party Leader Forced To Resign For Slamming Hamas

Releasing Terrorists: Crime & No Punishment


The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs

The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs All Links:  Leslie-Ann Stoffel’s Blog on CIJA

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My most popular post on The Jewish Press, ‘Don’t Confuse Me With Facts’ – Israel and International Law.  Other articles can be accessed by scrolling down the page from here:

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